There’s a place for every kind of comic out there…the gentle family strip, the ones about the married couples, the ones about the cute cats, and the one about the giant humanoid Chicano cockroach and his roommate Eddie and the Taco Cart guy and Chepe and Pepe in the park and the strong Latino girlfriend and the Lucha Libre bartender “El Titan” and the political messages and the occasional loving “Boondocks” parody called the “Beandocks.” You know…the usual.

Lalo talks to me about how he got started, how he made Stan Lee famous, how he got Sergio Aragones a bottle of wine from his neighbor, and why he won’t be running for office in Arizona any time soon. Another great artist and writer I could’ve talked to for hours; I felt that we barely scratched the surface on so many issues, but I had a great time getting into some edgier stuff this time around. Enjoy!

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