Fresh off his National Cartoonist Society win for “Best Newspaper Strip 2010,” Jerry Scott of “Zits” (and “Baby Blues“) joins me to talk about his amazing career. I’m a huge fan of his work (like a bazillion other people on the planet), and had a blast talking to him.  Like so many cartoonists out there, he’s open, honest, funny, and charming. We talk about his first work as a cartoonist with “Gumdrop” and his 11 years on the world famous “Nancy,” then through his creation of “Baby Blues” with Rick Kirkman and then “Zits” with Jim Borgman. We cover a lot of ground, so dive in and enjoy!

If you haven’t heard the interview with “Baby Blues'” artist, Rick Kirkman, find it here!  And also, during our talk about “Nancy,” we mention Guy Gilchrist, the artist who took over for Jerry after he left the show…the fine gentlemen of “Comics Coast to Coast” did a GREAT interview with Guy, which you can find here.