I get to chat today with a modern master, Jim Toomey of “Sherman’s Lagoon.” It’s not lip service or promotional hype to say that “Sherman” is easily one of my top 3 strips out there today, and has been for some time. It’s always funny and brilliantly written, with a classic cartoony art style I wish I could emulate. Jim has become quite active in ocean conservation efforts and uses his strip and art to reach out to students, teachers, and concerned citizens worldwide.  We talk about his self-syndication start, his love of the denizens of the oceans, and all about Sherman’s Lagoon. (I just like being able to have a reason to put “denizens” in a post!)  Here’s a link to the organizations that Jim is a part of or recommends…preserving ocean life and learning about the other 75% of the Earth’s surface is something I think we can all get behind!

And there’s a new “Lemon List” by the ever amazing Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic.” This one’s about cartoon theme songs and is now my favorite installment yet!