Good friend of the show, Lex Fajardo, artist and writer of the ever-expanding “Kid Beowulf” universe, was on a panel about kid’s graphic novels and comic books up at the wonderful Stumptown Comic Con in Portland, Oregon. Lex is playing with the big boys and girls now; check out who was on the panel: Matt Holm of “Babymouse,” Raina Telgemeier of “Smile,” Hope Larson of “Chiggers” and the upcoming adaptation of “A Wrinkle in Time,” and the moderator of the panel, Sarah Ryan, a librarian and writer with a very cool website. (She does a great write up of the panel you’re about to hear right here.) Be sure to check out Lex’s newest book, Volume 2 of the Kid Beowulf saga, “The Song of Roland!”

By the way, Lex also did a similar panel at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, which you can hear right here!

And stay tuned at the end of the interview with Lex to hear another amazing installment of “The Lemon List,” hosted by the amazingly multi-talented Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic.”  In this week’s episode, Lemon makes the case for the brilliant and under-appreciated “Zippy the Pinhead.”