The lovely and talented Dawn Griffin of “Zorphbert and Fred,” along with the talented and dashing Byron Wilkins of “1977” join me for a C2E2 wrap up! They shared a table at the new Chicago Con, and share their insights and experiences with me.  They’ve each written very informative and interesting blogs about it on their sites….you can find Dawn’s here, and you can find Byron’s here. Dawn also wrote a really long piece over at WebComics Planet. They have great things to say, so if you’re thinking about getting a table at a Con, this is a must-listen.

Also, Kurt over at TGT Webcomics truly raised the bar for Con coverage…he’s got videos, a bazillion interviews and photos. The man is out of his stinkin’ mind, and he’s doing it all for YOU!  Going to make my life complex at San Diego Comic Con…I’m going to need a camera crew and a dance number! Great work, Kurt!