Tall Tall Radio is proud to do a co-podcast with the boys over at Comics Coast to Coast this week.  Filling in for Brian Dunaway, I take Justin “Mythtickle” Thompson and John “Chippy and Loopus” Sanford on a discussion deep into the realms of mythology. Joining us is the writer and artist behind “Kid Beowulf,” Lex Fajardo. (Volume 2 of his epic saga, “The Song of Roland” is available now…click here!)  The four of us talk about the myths that influenced us as kids, the movies we love, and their effect on culture in general. There are side tangents into how McDonald’s Happy Meals affect Hollywood filmmaking, and other fun topics as well!

Also, new this week is “The Lemon List” by newest Tall Tale Features member, Jonathan Lemon, he of the beautiful and surreal “Rabbits Against Magic.” He and I have been bandying about projects to work together on, and I’m proud to present the fruits of Lemon’s labor. He’s a recording artist, comics history buff, and just generally incredibly knowledgeable about the comics world, so join us every week for another installment of The Lemon List.  This week, learn about Golden Age strips you should be aware of: “Polly and Her Pals,” “Burp, the Twerp,” and “Gordo!” Go! Learn! Grow! Experience! Thank you, Lemon!