Life has given Tall Tale Features Lemons, and well, we’re buying lemonade for everyone! Tall Tale Radio is proud to present the first official podcast with newest TTFer, Jonathan Lemon of the brilliant “Rabbits Against Magic.” Mike Witmer of “Pinkerton” fame joins us for the first part of the interview to chat with Lemon about his work, and then he and I go off on our merry way, talking about Proust, RC Harvey, English football, American baseball, and a little bit of everything.  We even utterly rip off James Lipton and “Inside the Actor’s Studio” so join me in welcoming Mr. Lemon to our little cult!

Lemon was recently interviewed over at the excellent comics/artists blog, “David Wasting Paper,” which is a great site with some really interesting interviews. There’s a lot of shop talk about pens and paper in these, so if that’s your thing, then bookmark this site!

Can’t get enough Lemon? Who can? He was also on Episode 15, Episode 48, Episode 56, and Episode 63!