Michael J. Fox might have gone back to the future, but Lora Innes and I go back to the past! The writer and artist of the brilliant “The Dreamer,” an adventure/romance about a 17 year old girl who seems to be living two lives…one in a modern day high school and the other in 1776 at the height of the Revolutionary War…joins me for a spirited talk about history, comics, art, character writing and more history! (We sort of geek out a little…so forgive us a little historical indulgence!) I had a blast talking to her about one of my favorite subjects.

Lora is also involved in great charity work through the Comics Creators Alliance, doing her part to bring awareness to the very real problem of human trafficking.  More chances to help out will be coming, so keep your eyes there and learn more about this horrifying problem.

And, congrats to Brock Heasley on his team’s stunning last minute victory over at Zuda.com.  Be sure to check out Monsterplex! You can check out my recent interview with him, artist David Schlotterback and colorist Mike DeVito. Obviously, that’s what put them over the top!