The first Simpson’s clip show was entitled “So It’s Come to This…The Simpson’s Clip Show.”  Well, here’s my version of that. Of course, when they do a clip show in animation, it’s essentially done to build in an easier show in the middle of the season, sort of as a break for the animators. That’s not exactly how it worked out for me…I’ve been gathering the clips and editing this thing for a couple of weeks!  I’m sure it’s horribly self-indulgent, so I apologize for that…but I wanted to showcase the amazing artists and guest I’ve had in the past year, so hopefully it’s a quick and enjoyable listen. All of these episodes are available in the archive, so be sure to go back and take a listen to the ones that pique your interest.

And, of course, you’ve all been waiting for the chance to hear me do a rap as Captain Jean Luc Picard, and at the end of this show, your dreams will all come true.

Big stuff awaits Tall Tale Features in the coming months, and I’m lining up some great guests. Thanks so much to the amazing stable of artists who gave their time to be a part of my little slice of the podcast world, and especially to you all for listening. The show is growing nicely, and it’s a privilege to have such a great group of listeners! Keep your comments, emails, and tweets coming!