It’s my honor to end 2009 with the wonderful Tom Richmond, illustrator extraordinaire with MAD Magazine and a zillion other clients. Just go take a look at his beautifully designed website, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  We talk about the art of caricature, the training it takes to get good and fast at it, MAD Magazine, Batman, and his amazing trip to Iraq with the likes of Stephan Pastis and Gary Trudeau. (Any time a cartoonist gets to tell about the time he hit golf balls at Saddam Hussein’s palace or when the .50 caliber machine guns fired while they were flying in a Blackhawk helicopter, is good listening.)

Tom is one of the nicest guys on the planet with an amazing mid-western work ethic, and he’s full of great information and tips for artists out there.  He also has a must-read blog, wherein he covers all sorts of topics and answers reader mail. He’s very involved with his fans, so get over there and bookmark it for your weekly amusement.