One of the best panel cartoonists out there on the web is Chris Hallbeck, of the brilliantly surreal and just plain funny “The Book of Biff.” I’ve been a fan of Biff for several years, and having done my own single panel strip, as well as being a good disciple of the Church of Larson, I’ve always found Chris’ work to be some of the best I’ve ever seen. Besides, how can you not love those eyebrows?

Chris and I talk about the beginnings of Biff, the challenges of doing a single panel with a single character, the lure of conventions, and just to toss a little controversy out there, a discussion the general silliness of the print vs. web brouhaha that’s out there.

A big tip of the bowler hat to Howard Tayler of the ever-amazing “Schlock Mercenary,” who got me in touch with Chris Hallbeck. All praise the Tayler, from whom all blessings flow, and from whom our sci-fi comedy epic fix is received. Howard’s iPhone app has just been approved on iTunes, so check it out here.