ttr_62_wes_molebashWes Molebash of the very popular (but now defunct) “You’ll Have That” joins me and Tall Tale Features’ very own Brock Heasley of “Superfogey’s” fame in a wide ranging chat about comics, art, writing, divorce and faith. Wes’ new strip, “Max vs. Max” has just begun its run on the web, and already it’s hitting its stride. Wes is an open, honest, and interesting guy, and he, Brock and I tackle the tough issue of portraying an artist’s faith in God and religion in their work; the joys and pitfalls of that, the advantages and disadvantages.  Being a man of little faith, it was a fascinating discussion, and Wes and Brock are thoughtful and rational ambassadors of their faiths.

You might notice this show is a little longer than most…don’t forget to stay tuned through the end, because I have an interview with Tom Dell’Aringa of “Marooned” and Steve Ogden of “Moon Town.” They’ve formed their own publishing house called Wishtales, and we discuss why they’ve jumped into that world and what it means for them and other artists!