ttr_55_glenn_mccoyOK…picture a map.  Now, picture Glenn McCoy all over that map.  Multiple award winning political cartoonist, syndicated strip cartoonist for over 16 years with “The Duplex,” Playboy cartoonist, greeting cards, magazines…seems like you name it, Glenn’s drawn it.  He’s the first political cartoonist I’ve had on my show, and we talk about that world and the process behind it for much of the show. Glenn’s got some great stories and is very candid about the future of political cartoons, his part in that world, and the reactions people have to politics in general. We also get into his work on “The Flying McCoys” with his brother Gary, also a well-known political cartoonist. (Although, we talk about my theory that Glenn is actually a split personality is is both Glenn AND Gary, and perhaps Bill Watterson.)

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