ttr_54_marc_lapierreI get to talk to one of my favorite cartoonists who c0-writes and draws “Boxcar Astronaut” and has started his own strip “Spooky Doofus,” launched very recently here in the Halloween season. Marc LaPierre and I talk about his comic book influences and about writing family-accessable strips in this day and age.  Check out the wonderful and sweet “Boxcar Astronaut” that he does with Jeff Carter, and be sure to bookmark his new “Spooky Doofus” and get on the train at the first station!

Coming soon…Glenn McCoy of the syndicated “The Duplex,” Playboy, and award winning political cartoons talks to me about his long history of professional cartooning. We get deep into the tumultuous world of politcal cartooning and the current state of affairs there.  Also coming up, I’m talking to Rick Schmitz of “Pop Cap” games to delve into the video game art world! And before Halloween, Mark “Lio” Tatulli and John “Chippy and Loopus” Sanford will join me for a talk on the best horror films of all time!