ttr_52_phil_foglioThe evil mastermind behind one of the biggest comic series on the web, the “gaslamp romance/steampunk” graphic novel “Girl Genius” joins me for a talk about his world.  Phil Foglio has been around for many years, and we talk about how his experiences, both good and bad, have lead him down his path. From “Dragon Magazine” and TSR Games in the ’80s, through his “Buck Godot” days, and to his current “Girl Genius” empire, we talk about it all.  We also get into a great discussion on the philosophy of steampunk and what its allure is for its many fans.  Phil is a mainstay at conventions, especially the San Diego Comic Con, where he and his wife and co-writer, Kaja, are the hosts for the annual costume contest there.  We talk about the importance of cons, and how they’re evolving.

In the promotion department, be sure to head over to Norm Feuti’s “Gill,” which is back after a summer hiatus.  “Gill” is easily one of the best web comic strips you will read…beautiful art, great characters, and Norm can bring the funny.  Welcome back, Norm!

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