ttr_51_perry_bibleNick Gurewitch, the mad genius artist behind “The Perry Bible Fellowship” joins me for a chat about art, film, comics, and collaboration. If you know the strip, you know how great it is…if you don’t know the strip, boy, are you in for some fun. If Rod Serling and Gary Larson were to have a child, it would be “The Perry Bible Fellowship.” Nick is one of those young guys on a heck of a career path, so take a listen and you can say you knew him “when.”

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Also, Issue #4 of Stay Tooned Magazine is out, and it’s a doozy. An entire issue devoted to the artists of MAD Magazine, past, present and future! Amazing and detailed interviews with the geniuses behind one of the great humor magazines of all time. And other goodies from John Hambrock of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee,” and Dave Coverly of “Speed Bump.” Go to and get your subscription now!

And a shout out to my buds over at Comics Coast to Coast, where I was honored to sit in for Brian “Guy in a Bush” Dunaway, and interviewed Phil Dunlap of “Ink Pen.” A great time was had with co-hosts Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle” and John Sanford of “Chippy and Loopus!” Take a listen…and subscribe!

Big thanks to Jonathan Lemon of the great “Rabbits Against Magic” for the work he did at the Monsters of Webcomics which led to the Nick Gurewitch connection! Go give him some love!