What do you get when you take a guy with a dark sense of humor, a playful spirit, and a love of single panel comics? Why, you’d get “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!” A veritable Methusela of Webcomics having updated an amazing 7 days a week for the past 7 years, SMBC is, or should be, a stable of your morning webcomic reading.  Zach and his crew of creative wackos are branching out into the world over video over at SMBC Theater, where they’re doing really funny sketch comedy that’s getting better with every production. New episodes every Monday (just like Tall Tale Radio!).  And for the more kid-friendly, but certainly not “kiddie” market, there’s the new “Snowflakes” about an orphanage of kids high in the Andes Mountains run by a mysterious and creepy nun. (You heard me.)

Zach and I talk syndication, the freedom of the web, Captain Excelsior, video production, collaborative teams, and a myriad of other subjects as we just kept a-talkin’.  Enjoy!

Also, stay tuned at the end for some news and notes, including the fact that issue #4 of “Stay Tooned” has shipped, and you must go get a subscription. This issue is all about the artists of MAD Magazine, and if you’re a cartoonist or interested in them, John Read’s magazine is a must-read. Go support this guy in his quest to keep the interview magazine of our industry alive!

And November 14th of this year brings us the Dallas Webcomics Expo, the first of its kind in the Lone Star State.  Check out the information here, and go meet over 30 of your favorite webcomickers!