ttr_49_krautterWriter, journalist, advertising maven and “Southern-Fried Iconoclast” Kimberly Krautter, classes up the joint the Nth degree. She writes for the Huffington Post, the Atlanta Journal, is a blogger and Twitter-er extraordinaire, and is currently writing and researching a book entitled “Foreclosure on the Fourth Estate: How ‘spin-fluence’ and ‘info-tainment’ killed the American Newspaper.”¬† This is a subject I’ve covered with cartoonists, writers, editors and syndicate folk, but Kimberly is full of amazing insight and information, and is easily the most knowlegable person I’ve ever talked to on the subject. She’s got over 20 years of journalism and advertising in her blood, and brings a very unique viewpoint and objective eye to the debate.

This was definitely one of my favorite interviews, and I hope I asked her some thought-provoking questions. I’m used to goofball cartoonists, not actual writers! I think you’ll find this very informative, and hopeful, despite the title.

HUGE kudos go out to Steve Ogden, he of “Moon Town” and other amazing projects. Steve is a big supporter of Tall Tale Radio, and was on the show with “Marooned” genius Tom Dell’Aringa, which you can listen to here.¬† Steve blogs and podcasts his brain drippings on a regular basis and is a great guy, not to mention one of my favorite¬† artists/writers!