ttr_48_bannerThe brilliant artist and writer behind “Rabbits Against Magic,” Jonathan Lemon, plays roving reporter for Tall Tale Radio as he attends one of the opening events of San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum’s newest installation, “The Monsters of Webcomics.” This particular event was honoring Nicholas Gurewich, the mad genius artist of “The Perry Bible Fellowship.” He’s moving on to other projects, but Mr. Gurewich has an amazing hardcover compiliation of his work, and was there at the museum to talk about his work.  Jonathan gets interviews from several people of the general public who were there, a recording of the Q&A session with Nicholas Gurewich, and a great wrap up interview with Cartoon Art Museum curator, Andrew Farago, (interviewed by yours truly here), and the talented Shaenon Garrity of “Skin Horse” and “Narbonic.

Check out the Cartoon’s website to see bios and links to the featured artists: Nicholas Gurewich, “Slow Wave” by Jesse Reklaw, “Hark, A Vagrant!” by Kate Beaton, “Girl Genius” by Phil and Kaja Foglio, “Cat and Girl” by Dorothy Gambrell, “Dicebox” by Jenn Manley Lee, “Family Man” by Dylan Meconis, “Achewood” by Chris Onstad, and “Templar, Arizona,” by Spike.

And Jonathan gives me five of his own favorites that you should check out: “American Elf” by James Kochalka, “Kiskaloo” by Chris Sanders, “Hobotopia” by Adam Koford, “We the Robots” by Chris Harding, and “Maakies” by Tony Millionaire. Any or all of these are a great way to get into the vast universe that is Webcomics.

Big time thanks to Jonathan Lemon, my very own John Oliver. 🙂