ttr_47_animation_behindscenesIt’s time to talk to Jeff Ranjo, story artist at Disney, and John Sanford, story artist at Dreamworks…between them, over 30 years of animation experience, having worked on films like “Surf’s Up,” “Mulan,” “Chicken Little” and “Home on the Range.” John also does the brilliant webcomic “Chippy and Loopus.” We did a great show about animated films in general back on Episode 25, talking about our favorite and not-so-favorite films and TV shows.

This time, we get into the nitty-gritty of how animated films are actually made.  Who pitches the story? Who green lights the film? When does character design start, and what does it take to become a character designer? How long does the process take? How is scripting done? When is music added?

I’ve been a fan of animation all my life, and I’m fairly knowlegeable in the film making process overall, but I learned a ton from these guys. If you like cartoons and animated films…and I know you do…this is a great show.

If you have specific questions about the making of animated films, post them in the comments section, and I’ll be sure that Jeff and John see them and we’ll get them answered.