ttr_43_hambrockWho says politics and science don’t mix?  Well, a lot of people, I suppose…but not writer and artist John Hambrock and his colorist, glass-blower, harpist and co-hort in crime wife, Anne. We met during the Reubens and on the “Dave Coverly Nice Scale”, they score a perfect 10. John talks about his long road to syndication, full of twists and turns and determination, and is a great story about doing what you love and what you believe in. Find out how “Edison” came to have the political bent that it does and the challenge of being topical 8 weeks in advance! John is also the creator of “Ernie Keebler” according to a website somewhere, and we dispel that myth. (He is, of course, the creator of “Tony the Tiger” and “Batman.”)

It’s great to hear two people who obviously have a great relationship, both personal and professional, and “Edison Lee” is a gorgeous strip done the old fashioned way, with india ink and brushes. John’s got a great classic style, the kind of stuff you’d want to teach in Cartooning 101, and a razor sharp wit to go along with it. Anne also keeps a great blog about the behind the scenes life of a comic strip, and is always entertaining and informative.

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