ttr_42_cc_01Stephan Pastis, Keith Knight and Richard Thompson held a panel at the San Diego Comic Con entitled “Syndication is Dead; Long Live Syndication.”  They talked a lot about the state of the newspaper industry and the web world, and I was hoping the whole panel might be about that, but they started getting questions about getting syndicated and such from the fans, so they got a little off topic…but it’s still full of great information and candid talk from three experienced pros.  Stephan is the moderator, so his is the first voice you hear.  After the panel, Lucas Turnbloom and I talk a little bit about it from the floor of the convention, and then we’re joined by Brock Heasley, who was unexpectedly offered a badge to the Con and was there with his lovely wife Erin.  We talk about his and Lucas’s experiences at the Con, the “Lost” panel, and writing in general.  Enjoy!