ttr_40_cc_01It’s Comic Con time, folks!  In this episode, I talk to the most excellently talented Lex Fajardo, writer and artist of “Kid Beowulf,” one of my favorite graphic novel series. I’ve interviewed Lex at the last three Comic Cons, so for me, the Con doesn’t start until I make a beeline for his table in the small press section. We chat about the upcoming “Song of Roland” and about how the whole epic process is going for him.

Then, Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle” and Comics Coast to Coast fame and I take in a panel on “Batman, The Brave and the Bold.” We were both new to the show, and loved what we saw. I have exerpts from a couple of the cast members, and out thoughts on the panel.

Then, it’s off to the Stephan Pastis spotlight. I got a pretty good recording of the thing, so I asked Stephan if it’d be OK to put it up on the web and he gave me the thumbs up. It’s a funny and informative talk on getting syndicated and the various things he’s learned along the way. He talks about what’s on the screen of his Powerpoint presentation a couple of times, but I think you can follow along with most of it pretty easily. A great talk from what could be one of the last guys to make it big in the syndication world.

More to come!