ttr_36_bannerDon’t you love seeing a cartoonist’s work develop over time? I remember devouring “Bloom County Babylon” or old “Peanuts” books and watching the style of the characters and the line change over time. It was an amazing evolutionary process, and I’ve always felt you can learn so much from watching an artist’s journey.

And apparently so does Thea Cooke. She started for just that reason. It’s a place for artists to post their early work, their developmental work, and their current work.  It lays bare the creative and evolutionary process of art, be it cartooning, painting, photography, sculpture or drawing. She and I get into some nicely philosophical realms here, and I think it’s a site that can really teach us a lot about our own processes. Go over and check it out, and if you can, contact Thea and submit your own work!

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