ttr_33_bannerBob Scott, artist and writer of the most excellent “Molly and the Bear” over at Comics Sherpa, joins me for a discussion about old school art, the struggle to get syndicated, and the world of animation.  Bob is an amazing cartoonist, and “Molly and the Bear” is a great throw-back to strips of yore, with gentle humor, great characters, and above all, beautiful art. If you didn’t know Bob was an animator, you would after reading a few of his strips.

We also talk about animation, as Bob’s been with Pixar for some time now, working on a wide-range of projects, including several of the terrific animated shorts that appear before the Pixar films, including the most recent “Party Cloudy” that’s in front of “Up.” We cover his favorite films, his hidden gems, and the influences on his career. (And you can find out which character he voiced in the movie “Monsters, Inc.”!)

Next time, it’s time to set the Way-Back Machine to 1977, as I talk to Byron Wilkins of the great webcomic…well, 1977!