Come down under with me as I talk to the amazingly talented Australian writer and artist, Sarah Ellerton. She does the beautifully drawn and scripted web graphic novel, “The Phoenix Requiem,” and is the illustrator of “Dreamless,” over at Keenspot. One look at her art, and you know you’re dealing with someone who has a deep love of the medium. And you have to admire her committment to her projects…her first foray into the graphic novel world, the manga-inspired “Inverloch” was over 750 pages long, and “The Phoenix Requiem” is slotted to be even longer. It’s epic fantasy beautifully rendered, and worth the time to explore.  We talk about her art, her writing, the support she feels from her on-line community, her character designs, and the future of “The Phoenix Requiem.”  As a lover of comic art, it was  great to talk to a young artist who is obviously just going to get better and better all the time.

Stay tuned for Tall Tale Features news, and next week, tune in to hear me talk comics and animation with Bob Scott, who does the great “Molly and the Bear” over at Comics Sherpa…read through its archive…it’s like Cartooning With the Old Masters 101…and he’s 44! Oh, he also works for a small little animation house called “Pixar,” and was an animator on the recent short before the movie “Up” called “Partly Cloudy.”