THREE HUNDRED! Who’da thunk it?  I am pleased as punch that this milestone episode includes Justin Thompson of the comic “Mythtickle,” who was there with me at the dawn of my podcast journey, way back with Comics Coast to Coast, which we did around 79 episodes together! Justin has a been a great friend since then, and has been on many a Tall Tale Radio.  So it was a thrill to have him on this episode, along with one of his old actor/writer/singer/musician friends, Chant MacLeod! They go way back to Justin’s Renaissance Faire days, and we have a great talk about creativity, acting, inspiration, and comics!

It’s been a heck of a ride to 300, and here’s hoping there are many more to come! This is a good time to thank people like Mike Witmer, artist of “Pinkerton,” and original driving force behind “Tall Tale Features,” the comics site that spawned “Tall Tale Radio.”  Also, Irma Beck of “Imy,” webmistress, invaluable tech support, and source of inspiration.  And of course Lucas Turnbloom of “How To Cat,” co-host for many of my episodes in recent years.  This whole virus thing kept him from being involved in this recent blitz, but the episodes we do are always my favorites!