Rob Harrell, artist and writer of the comic strip “Adam @ Home,” the graphic novel “Monster on the Hill,” and the illustrated novel series, “Life of Zarf,” is here to talk with me about his brand new book, “Wink” which comes out this week!  “Wink” is a fictionalized version of the very real and very rare eye cancer that Rob went through some 13 years ago.  It’s an intense but very inspirational book that follows the story of young Ross Moloy who has to deal with the very real cancer in his life, navigate the strange waters of middle school, and how to deal with friends who just don’t know what to say in this situation.  Rob balances humor, music, relationships, and the uncertainty of fear with such a diagnosis with expert grace, and “Wink” is a wonderful and powerful read that kids and adults will love.

We also talk about the 2021 movie “Rumble,” which is, shall we say, loosely based on his great graphic novel, “The Monster on the Hill.”  It’s a fascinating process how it went from the original book to the world wrestling-inspired film that’s coming out!