ttr_29_pandolphIt’s time to talk to the hardest working man in the comics biz…Corey Pandolph! He does the syndicated “Elderberries,” the internet sensation “Barkeater Lake,” AND the comic strip with the coolest name ever, “Toby, Robot Satan.” (He reveals that he’s going to start a fourth strip later this year…get the rubber room ready for the man!) Corey and I chat about each of his strips, the nasty emails cartoonists can receive, the challenge of writing great dialog for the comics, our mutual love of “Bloom County,” and of course, baseball.  (He’s a Yankees fan, and I…well, I’m not.)  Check out his blog as the Fake Rockstar, and see if you can keep up with him as he continues his dominance of the comic strip world.


Also in this episode, Lucas Turnbloom of “Imagine This” and I hit the road to crash the Reubens, which were held this year in Hollywood. Since it was just a quick drive up the road, we couldn’t resist.  Had a great time, met some very cool cartoonists, and put some faces to the voices I’ve heard over the past few years.  Got to shake the hand of Bill Gallo, who’s been with the New York Daily News since the Renaissance, I think, and whose work I’ve grown up with. Great stuff.  We met Dave Coverly, the eventual winner of the Reuben itself…I told him he needed to have a speech ready! But did he listen to me? Noooooo…. Also saw Amy Lago, Scott Adams, Mark Tatulli, Stephan Pastis…the list goes on. Sort of a nice day in cartoonist geek heaven.