Podcast Four in the Quarantine blitz!  Steve Conley of “The Middle Age” joins me to talk about wrapping up the third act of his story, where it’s going from here, and the obsessive detail he puts into all of his work.  We talk about his influences, the joys of role playing games, a brief chat on the show “Picard,” and much more!

Steve is a GREAT Patreon creator, with lots of cool exclusives, so I highly urge you to check his stuff out on Patreon.   I downloaded his custom inking brush for Procreate on the iPad and it’s the only one I use now for inking, and you can get a free copy here!

“The Middle Age” is also over on GoComics, and if you want to start at the beginning of this wonderful adventure, click here!

Also, Steve recommends Webtoons for seeking out new and cool comics you might not know.  Great time to take a deep dive into the webcomics world and find some new favorites out there! Help out indie artists!