Aussie cartoonist and 3D Motion Graphics guru, Paul Caggegi joins me to talk about his influences, his comics, and his amazing use of the FREE 3D program “Blender” to help create his 2D comic, “Homebased.”  3D space is an intriguing subject, and with Blender being free for Mac and PC computers, and Paul’s YouTube channel having tutorials and help on it, it might be time to dive in if you’ve had any interest in stretching your toolset!

Here’s a link to Paul’s Patreon page where he offers all sorts of tutorials, and here’s a link to get yourself a copy of Blender today!

Also, he has a page over on Gumroad dot com for you to buy his amazing Manga Shader for Blender!  Nuthin’ but 5 star reviews!

And be sure to check out his amazing comic “Homebased,” right here!

SIDE NOTE: During our talk, Paul mentioned he talked with “the guy who does Family Circus” at a convention Down Under, and my brain could only come up with “Bil Keane.”  Now, technically, that’s true, but about a minute after that I realize I meant to say “JEFF Keane,” so I fall before the Great Cartooning Gods and beg forgiveness for my obvious faux pas!