In this time of self-quarantine and the general uncertainness that surrounds us currently, I have decided what people need is more of me rambling on with cool artists, writers, and creators!  So get ready for an influx of episodes coming your way!

First up is a chat about one of my favorite subjects with one of my favorite people.  Francesco Marciuliano, author of the New York Time Bestselling poetry series books that started with the smash hit, “I Could Pee On This, and Other Poems by Cats,” is here to talk with me about poetry.  What is it about it that moves us, that invokes such powerful emotional responses? How do so few words add up to such power?  We read some of our favorites, delve deep into the philosophy behind it, and to wrap things up, we have fun talking about pop music lyrics which may fall slightly short of being “great poems.”  Enjoy!

Here’s a link to site that has 100 links to poetry of all sorts!