Nearly 200 episodes ago, back in 2010, I talked to one of my favorite new webcartoonists, Adam Huber of the great comic “Bug.”  Well, “Bug” became “Bug Martini,” but 10 years later, the strip is still as funny as ever, and now Adam is running a Kickstarter to start collecting them into physical copies!  It’s been a long time coming, so Lucas Turnbloom (“How To Cat”) and I talk to Adam about his journey, how much life has changed over ten years (married and a kid!), and how the Kickstarter is going.

Trust me, this is one you want to support, so head over to Kickstarter and get yourself a copy of the very first “Bug Martini” book!

And if you’re interested in a blast from the past, here’s a link to the first time Adam was on back in 2010!