Terri Libenson is retiring the “Pajama Diaries” comic strip after 14 years! (Not 15 as I mistakenly say right at the top of the episode!) ¬†The long running and beloved comic ended on January 4, 2020, as Terri moves on to more books and new adventures! Her series that started with “Invisible Emmie” is going strong, with a new book, “Becoming Brianna” coming out this May, and the grind of a daily strip coupled with all the other work with her book series just became too much, and it was a good time to end the saga of the Kaplan family. ¬†Terri is always a joy to talk to, and we discuss her hard decision, what’s next, and how she felt about the last “Star Wars” film!

Speaking of which, hang out after Lucas Turnbloom and I talk to Terri to get our discussion about “The Rise of Skywalker,” because Crom knows the internet has just been waiting for us to weigh in!