The first ever NCS Fest was held in Huntington Beach, CA, in coordination with the National Cartoonists’ Society annual Reubens Awards weekend, and I was there walking around with some microphones getting artists to talk about the experience! Scads and scads of artists at tables, events at the nearby library, a big tent on the Boardwalk called appropriately enough “The Big Tent” where there were various larger events and signings.  Including a panel on “The Simpsons” hosted by yours truly which was a bucket-list level event of epic proportions for me!

Take a listen to me chat with Greg Cravens (“The Buckets,”  “Hubris”), Lonnie Millsap (“Bacön”), Bobby Timony (Twin Comics), Jeff Knurek (“The Jumble”), Tom Richmond (“MAD Magazine”), Mark Parisi (“Off the Mark”), and animator Jim Lujan (“Revengeance,” “All That Glitters”).

The NCS Fest was a rousing success in my eyes, and it looks like they’ll be doing it again next year some time (I heard September, but nothing set in stone).  Enjoy the interviews!