I got to go to my first Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this year, and it was a blast! Great con, great city, great time! If you’re an artist who tables at Cons, ECCC is a primo event for sure.  HUGE Artist Alley that was on its own floor and very well traversed.  Big Con with lots of people, but at the same time spaced out nicely. Fantastic cosplay and Seattle itself has a very welcoming, progressive vibe to it.

I moderated five panels for The Pop Culture Classroom dealing with getting comics into schools for teachers and librarians, as well as one on using comics in therapy to deal with any number of very sensitive issues.  It was a wonderful weekend, and I thank the PCC folks for their generous hospitality, and I’m looking forward to going to Denver, doing panels at SDCC and NYCC later in the year!

I talked with Ryan Fisher (“Torchlight Lullaby”), Carlo San Juan (“Callous Comic”), Tom Richmond (“MAD Magazine”), Shiri Sondheimer (“Book Riot”), Dave Kellett (“Drive,” “Sheldon”) and Dana Simpson (“Phoebe and Her Unicorn”).  Take a listen!