pearls_headerReuben Award Madness continues! Stephan Pastis of the most entertainly excellent “Pearls Before Swine” joins me for a chat. He’s up for two Reubens…Best Comic Strip AND the big enchilada itself, the Reuben. I had originally planned on posting this next Monday, which is AFTER the Reubens this year, but as you’ll hear, Stephan basically threatened my life if I didn’t put it up ASAP, so here it is.  I didn’t want a visit from a psychopathic duck or cat.

What do we talk about? Everything. The Reubens, the state of newspapers, his animated film, movies in general, violence, sex, boat parties in San Diego, Comic Con,  Justin $%#!@ Thompson, Magellan…you name it. When it started, I thought we had about 20 minutes to talk…we ended up chatting for over an hour.  It’s a ton of fun…but I’m still pulling for Coverly.