Mark Tatulli, the hardest working man in comics is back on Tall Tale Radio.  As if “Heart of the City” (which recently passed 20 years in papers!), “Lio,” (12 years!), three “Desmond Puckett” books, and several children’s books wasn’t enough, Mark recently released a 256 page graphic novel called “Short and Skinny,” which chronicles the year 1977, when “Star Wars” was released and how it changed his life!  The book is a romp through Middle School bullies, being a short and, well, skinny kid, family dynamics, and how liberating it was to have a cool bike with a banana seat!

Lucas Turnbloom (“How to Cat”) and I chat with Mark about his book, his comics, how he works, and how to put a sexy Farah Fawcett poster into perspective for kids!