The Great and Powerful Lucas Turnbloom and I chat about how Tall Tale Radio is 10 years old now, and still goin’ strong!  We catch up on the latest news, talk about Keith Knight’s new TV show on Hulu, and muse about what Lobot might have been whispering to Lando in “Empire Strikes Back!”

Then the REAL fun starts when we welcome old friend of the show, Jonathan “Rabbits Against Magic” Lemon, and new friend of the show Joey Alison Sayers (cartoonist and “The Nib” contributor) as they talk about their very exciting new venture together: taking over the long running legendary comic strip, “Alley Oop!”  It was recently announced they were starting their run in January of 2019, and we talk about how that came about, what it’s like to step into a comic steeped in history, and about how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is probably already writing a screenplay for it in his head.

Thanks for listening over the past 10 years, and here’s to 10 more!  After that, we’ll see how it goes!