“Superfogeys” writer and used-to-be and soon-to-be-again artist, Brock Heasley joins Lucas “How to Cat” Turnbloom and I to talk about his cool Kickstarter to bring chapters 1-17 of his long running webcomic to Volume 1 of a 2-volume planned set! You can still get in on the action right here!

Brock has also just released his very first young adult novel, “Paper Bag Mask,” a fun and rollicking adventure loosely based on real events that is described as “The Breakfast Club meets Oceans 11.”  Get your copy right here!

Lucas and I chat about comics and news over at The Daily Cartoonist, we imply that “Foxtrot’s” Bill Amend is 7′ tall and angry in an attempt to get him on the show, we marvel at the names of obscure “Star Wars” characters like “J’ywz’gnk Kchhllbrxcstk Et’nrmdndlcvtbrx” (seriously), and Brock joins us at the end for a discussion on upcoming movies we’re excited about, meh about, and could care less about!