It’s that time of year again…time to wrap up the whole San Diego Comic-Con experience! It was my 10th year and I got to do three more panel moderation gigs which are always so much fun.  Joining me is my co-host Lucas Turnbloom (“Dream Jumper” and “How to Cat“), who had a couple of great celebrity sightings and spent the Con this year doing meetings and pitching projects, a cool new world for him!  And then special guest Shiri Sondheimer, writer for Bookriot and Roarbots, as well as an occasional co-host on the Great Big Beautiful Podcast, joins us to talk about her very first SDCC experience!  She’s a comics guru, and lets us in on some very interesting interviews, how DC rocked the Con where Marvel dropped the ball, and how she may have inspired an eventual coffee table book about Dick “Nightwing” Grayson’s butt.  You can read her stuff right here!