Kevin Coulston, writer and artist behind the great kids’ comics “Dylan McVillain,” “The Adventures of a 4th Grade Space Captain” and others, is doing a cool Kickstarter for a politically-charged animation project involving some really huge names in Hollywood!  “A Fowl American” is an animated and very, VERY topical show that is currently in the middle of a successful Kickstarter, and Kevin is here to talk about it with a couple of very cool guests.  Co-Creator, writer, and voice actor Greg Cipes (Beast Boy in “Teen Titans Go,” Michelangelo in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) is here to talk about how it all came about…and Executive Producer, writer, actor, and political-nerd Sean Astin (“Rudy,” “Goonies,” “Lord of the Rings”) joins in to talk to me and Lucas Turnbloom about how he got involved and is spreading the word about this great project.

There’s some time left in the Kickstarter right here, so get involved and get some cool stuff while you can!