coverly Dave Coverly of one of the best single panel strips ever, “Speed Bump” joins me for a discussion about his upcoming Reubens awards experience.  Dave is up for THE Reuben award for best Cartoonist…for the second year in a row! He’s a multiple time nominee, and won for Greeting Cards a few years back. He’s branching out into kids books, and we talk about that jump, the future of newspapers, and best of all, who is the best tennis player of all time?  Tall Tale Radio Sports Talk begins! Dave has some great advice for aspiring cartoonists about doing what you love, no matter what, and I just one of the nicest guys ever.  We’re going to do a post-Reuben’s show, too, so this is required listening, people.

Also, stay tuned afterwards for Tall Tale Features News, where we’ll get you caught up on the exciting news over at Gill, Xylia, Imagine This, and Pinkerton.

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