It’s time to expand our horizons from the world of comic art into the world of fine art and painting with Terry Marks!  Terry is a painter and illustrator based in New York with a fascinating background and skill set.  She’s a painter who has exhibited world wide, is a member of the Stuckist Art Movement, is a tattoo artist extraordinaire, and has a side career as a background actor in TV and movies!   Recently, she completed a group of paintings based on the original “Star Trek” series that will be exhibited in a gallery in Brooklyn, NY, that runs from September 2 through October 15th, coinciding with the Star Trek: Mission New York celebration of Trek’s 50th anniversary.  Be sure to head to the Gristle Gallery in Brooklyn…there’s an opening party on Friday, September 2nd, so go say hi!

Check out her beautiful, dream-like work here, and come take a dive into some fine art!