ttr_24_banner_upsIt was announced recently that the Universal Press Syndicate was going to start accepting electronic submissions, trying to go greener, make things easier on creators, and to hopefully speed up the submission process. You can read about it on the Daily Cartoonist here.  I contacted Mr. John Glynn, Lord High Muckity-Muck of Submissions over there, and he was incredibly nice enough to let me grill him about it.  We also talk about the appearance (or lack thereof) of major syndicates at conventions, what Universal is trying to do to embrace the future, and just what form that future may take.  If you’re thinking about the syndication route, this is good information.  Click here to get to the Universal FAQ about submissions in general, and find the email address to send your stuff.  They’ll be accepting paper submissions into the fall, but save a tree, people.

ttr_24_banner_imyIn a rare two-fer, I also talk to Irma Eriksson of Tall Tale Features to discuss her losing her Convention Virginity! She attended the SPX ’09 show over in Sweden for the first time with her excellent strip “Imy,” and was there representing us all.  She had a table full of great looking goodies, and her story is a great introduction for any of you thinking about taking the Con Plunge.

Coming Soon!: Dave Coverly of “Speed Bump” talks about his Reuben Award nomination! It’s a Tall Tale Radio Extravaganza week!

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