Hide the children! Tell your Aunt Gladys that maybe she shouldn’t download this particular episode!  John Sanford of “Chippy and Loopus” and Einar Lunden join me for a discussion about webcomics that, shall we say, aren’t particularly interested in getting syndicated due to language and content.  We get into a wide range of topics; cursing & language in general, R-rated animation, character dialog that sounds like you and your friends, and the self-pleasuring habits of the North American Moose.  Being a fan of “National Lampoon” and “Heavy Metal,” it seems to me that it’s time to exploit the freedom of the web to see a renaissance of adult comics, dammit.

I have done my best to mildly “bleep” our language here, not wanting to offend the high powers of iTunes, but maybe if you’re good, I’ll put out a “director’s cut” version.

And don’t forget the new phone number to leave a voice message for Tall Tale Radio! Just call 206-337-0444, and give me a ring! You just might show up on Tall Tale Radio!