schlock_coverIt’s not every day I get to talk to full time webcartoonist who also finds himself among the ranks of Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven and Rod Serling.  But recent Hugo Award Nominee Howard Tayler is just such a guy.  Writer and artist of the most excellent sci-fi epic “Schlock Mercenary,” Howard chats with me about a wide range of subjects. Gaming, illustration, story arcs, being the best dungeon master possible, conventions, keeping up with a large fan community, and writing in general.

Howard is one of the hardest working cartoonists out there, and has a ton of interesting things to say about the state of things, and just what it takes to make it.  My boys Justin and Brian over at Comics Coast to Coast recently interviewed Howard as well, so consider that a companion piece!

If you’re at a sci-fi convention like Gen-Con this August, be sure to stop by and chat up Howard or attend one of the many talks he gives all over the place.

Here’s a piece of art by Howard from the upcoming book by Tracy Hickman. XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery… The only RPG supplement that will teach you to contact-juggle.