witch_hunter_coverFacebook giveth, and Facebook taketh away, they say…but in the case of Episode 19’s guest, Vincent Ferrante, it most certainly giveth. One of my oldest friends from my early youth in New York, he and I have recently gotten back in contact via that ubiquitous social networking program.  Don’t worry, loyal listeners…this isn’t some ABC After School Special, or even a “very special episode of Tall Tale Radio.”  We’re here to talk independent press comics, people! Sure, we went to the second grade together, and swapped issues of Spider-Man and Superman back in 1976 when we were 10, but the man has his own comic company, and I’m a guy who talks about comics! Kismet, baby.

Vincent created Monarch Press, and writes the flagship comic, Witchhunter.  If you’re a fan of the old horror genre comics, the occult, and irreverant humor, Witch Hunter is the man for you. Vinnie is full of great advice and thoughts on starting your own comic title, including how to approach artists, how to deal with printers, how to get your finished stuff into distribution, how to contact comic shops, how to get booth babes at your convention booth…all the key points! If you’ve been thinking of starting up your own line of comics or self publishing, get a pencil, get a drink, and I hope you speak fluent New Yorker, ’cause we’re off and running.

We also talk about some great comics sites for you to check out: The Geeks of Doom, Comic Monsters, and Secret Identity. I love talking comic strips and webcomics, but deep in my heart, I’ll always be a comic book nerd at heart.