It’s time to talk with John Sanford, artist and writer of “Chippy and Loopus,” “K and J,” and Dreamworks Animation Director, currently knee deep in season 2 of “Dragons: Riders of Berk.”

“Chippy and Loopus” has a long history and rabid following out there in the webcomics world, with people loving the antics of the angry, foul-mouthed Chippy, and his dull witted but loyal friend “Loopus.” John put “Chippy” on hold for some time, but has re-tooled it and is about to reboot!  Find out why!

BUT FIRST, we start with an interview with the great Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic.”  Lemon recently found out he’s been nominated for a National Cartoonists Society award for Best Online Comic – Short Form.  He’s been producing many an excellent “Lemon List” for my show for some time, and is a good friend, so I couldn’t resist talking to him about his nomination and how it came about!