Lucas Turnbloom has some big news, folks.  Tune in to hear about him taking “Imagine This” to the next level!  We also do some “Peanuts” trivia and go off on some rants on “The Watchmen” and the upcoming “Star Trek,” which is always fun.  Lucas and I get to be in the same room when we chat, and it’s always better that way!

As an added bonus, enjoy some music from a couple of great webcartoonists and artist, Tom Dell’Aringa of “Marooned,” and Steve Odgen, formerly of “Croaker’s Gorge” which has sadly ended its run.  Both these gents are fine musicians in their own rights, and have graciously given me some tracks to play on the show. I’m going to be interviewing them in an upcoming episode, so listen to a taste of their mighty talents.